Fly Fishing Seasons

Spring (April & May) is a great time of year to travel to Montana and fish multiple rivers and hatches. We offer multi-day Spring Trips tailored to each client’s interests and needs. In April we’ll typically fish baetis and midge hatches on the Missouri and Madison. Streamer fishing can also be excellent. May finds us chasing the Mothers Day caddis hatch and enjoying the opening of Yellowstone’s fishing season.

In June (still considered Spring in greater Yellowstone), we’ll typically be seeing runoff as the weather warms and the snow melts. Rivers will rise and get color. Fishing during the runoff period can be epic or impossible depending on the snow pack and the rate at which it melts. In June we’ll see a variety of hatches from midges to drakes. Our best known hatch at this time of year is the salmon fly. We typically see the head of the hatch on the Upper Madison from late June into the first week of July. PMDs and caddis also keep us busy in June.

Montana Summer Fishing

July will usually offer the most consistent fishing of the season. Excellent dry fly fishing is available to the floating or wading angler. The Madison is excellent this time of year! Days are long and evening floats are a great way to spread out your fishing.

August is known for terrestrial fishing on the Madison and in the Park. Hoppers, ants and big attractor flies are very effective this time of the year. Gulper fishing on Hebgen Lake will get into full swing as well.

Fall on the Madison, Missouri, and Yellowstone

September offers the dedicated fly fisherman a great opportunity to catch a trophy trout. Hebgen’s browns begin to stage for the autumn spawn in the Madison in the Park. Floating the Madison is still productive and one can expect to see less and less traffic as the days get shorter and cooler.

In October we’ll generally hit the road once again with 4-8 day traveling trips. On these trips we concentrate on the Yellowstone, Missouri and lower Madison rivers. The majority of fishing will be streamers from drift boats and dries while wading. Large, aggressive browns will often take a well-placed streamer this time of year and baetis hatches can be amazing. October caddis round out the bugs you’ll see as we wind down for another season.

Yellowstone Park Wildlife